• Attention ALL Golfers,Write This Name Down Now!

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    Josh Radcliff is my great nephew. I got his daddy, my nephew Phillip Radcliff, . I also had the pleasure of purchasing Josh’s first set of golf clubs as a 1997 when Josh was only two years old. He is a lefty, so the junior set had to be left-handed.

    I located a painter that paints ’s names on golf bags, and she painted Josh’s name on his little blue . I have attached a very special picture of Josh and I by his Christmas tree with his . His father and I hoped he would want to play golf, but never imagined he would climb so rapidly to the heights he is at today.

    In 2008, I drove Josh down to Austin, Texas so he could compete in the DRIVE, CHIP, AND PUTT tournament. He won the tournament for his age group. I have attached two pictures from that event.

    In 2010, I caddied for him in a big junior tournament at THE TRIBUTE. They played the back tees, and he shot a FOUR UNDER PAR 32 ON THE BACK NINE, which included an EAGLE and TWO . I have also attached two pictures from that event.

    Somewhere during these past several years, Josh also scored a DOUBLE EAGLE on a par five hole.

    Then, , Wednesday December , I tagged along with my nephew Phillip, my great nephew Josh, the teaching pro in the business, Billy Bevery of Golden Bear, and another one of Billy’s up and coming students Megan. I have taken lessons from Billy, and Josh has been taking lessons from Billy during the last few years, and the lessons are really paying off. They played a round of golf at in McKinney.

    It is a magnificent, beautiful, course. Believe this or not, I SAW IT WITH MY , AND SO DID THE REST OF THE GROUP. JOSH DROVE TWO PAR-FOUR HOLES IN THE SAME ROUND FROM THE BACK TEES, AND THE HOLES MEASURED 388 YARDS(number 1) AND 356 YARDS(number 15). The attached picture from Left to Right is: Billy Beverly, Josh LONG BALL Radcliff, X Long Ball Pete, Long Ball Phillip.


    I must very happily pass my torch of “LONG BALL” to my nephew and great nephew JOSH RADCLIFF.
    One more point, Josh plays high school golf at Jesuit.

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