• Attention ALL Golfers,Write This Name Down Now!

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    Josh is my great nephew. I got his daddy, my nephew Phillip Radcliff, playing golf. I also had the pleasure of purchasing Josh’s first set of golf clubs as a 1997 Christmas present when Josh was only two years old. He is a lefty, so the junior set had to be left-handed.

    I located a painter that paints ’s names on , and she painted Josh’s name on his little blue . I have attached a very special picture of Josh and I by his Christmas tree with his . His father and I hoped he would want to play golf, but never imagined he would climb so rapidly to the heights he is at today.

    In 2008, I drove Josh down to Austin, Texas so he could compete in the DRIVE, CHIP, AND PUTT tournament. He won the tournament for his age group. I have attached two pictures from that event.

    In 2010, I caddied for him in a big junior tournament at THE TRIBUTE. They played the back tees, and he shot a FOUR UNDER PAR 32 ON THE BACK NINE, which included an EAGLE and TWO . I have also attached two pictures from that event.

    Somewhere during these past several years, Josh also scored a DOUBLE EAGLE on a par five hole.

    Then, day before yesterday, Wednesday December , I tagged along with my nephew Phillip, my great nephew Josh, the teaching pro in the business, Billy Bevery of , and another one of Billy’s up and coming students Megan. I have taken lessons from Billy, and Josh has been taking lessons from Billy during the last few years, and the lessons are really paying off. They played a round of golf at in McKinney.

    It is a magnificent, beautiful, course. Believe this or not, I SAW IT WITH MY TWO EYES, AND SO DID THE REST OF THE GROUP. JOSH DROVE TWO PAR- IN THE SAME ROUND FROM THE BACK TEES, AND THE HOLES MEASURED 388 YARDS(number 1) AND 356 YARDS(number 15). The attached picture from Left to Right is: Billy Beverly, Josh LONG BALL Radcliff, X Long Ball Pete, Long Ball Phillip.


    I must very happily pass my torch of “LONG BALL” to my nephew and great nephew JOSH RADCLIFF.
    One more point, Josh plays high school golf at Jesuit.

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