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    Commenting on a blog post is the second stage of reader’s interest and a sign of better involvement; they liked (Or disliked) your words and feel an urge to leave your post with a few of their own…”
    Forget about all that fancy talk!

    We bloggers live and thrive on our readers comments;  we feel bad if someone at some URL left us with a” I Hate You and your post” note, elated when the smoochers kiss up to us and  lost when we cannot find words to answer some of them!

    Some bloggers cannot wait to get to their PC’s to post a reply on a comment; they do it on their phone!
    That did not sound right…Oh well… they do!

    As for me; after a few blogs under my belt, numerous comments and replies and surviving an ocean of spam comments; I gathered my own list of my blogs commenters and their obvious-most of the times- reasons to write comments on a post:

    The Spammers

    Let’s start with the worst to get them out of the way (Don’t You Wish?)
    Easy to spot, they talk about the stock market and your post is about gardening, maybe they want to grow money trees? Anyway…The subject of your post is nowhere near their field of vision, they sprinkle a few gems like:  Found your blog on Google….I am going to bookmark it…Great stuff …etc” .to make you feel good and approve their comment. They go by Keywords for a name and a nice link at the end of each comment.

    Next in line to those are:

    The Climbers

    A well known tactic in Internet marketing calls for you to stir some trouble at OTHER people blog, call it going  against the grain  if you will and start a controversy with your comments, the outcome is your name being recognized more often and people getting curious about you and what you have to offer. Fame through others misery!

    But, on the bright side; there will always be:

    The Fans

    Diehard fans of your blog will say it as it is: If you wrote a bad post, they will set you straight, you have a great post and they will applaud you for your effort.  They visit your blog because they like what they read and want more. Most of them placed a comment before and some of them became your friends.

    On the other side other the spectrum you meet:

    The Haters

    If there is such a word, they hate every single post and comment just to make your life harder. No matter what you are blogging about; their personal agenda against you drives them to being nasty all the time.

    Move around them, to:

    The Know It All

    Nobody is perfect, that is a fact; but they will give you in their comment a huge chunk of their mind, Explanations, Nuggets of pure wisdom and even links to content they see as proof of their knowledge which far exceeds yours. Catch 22 situation arises between approving their comments to give your readers more information and editing it to keep it short…not an easy one!

    And you might get:

    The Occasionals

    They land at your blog through search engines and the results of your own Post Title and Post Tags, A Hit-or-Miss visit that ends with a comment sometimes, so be careful what you pen as a title and highlight as tags. Write good content and they will come back to check your bog again.

    What to do with the comments?

    Can the spammers, Cut the rope on the climbers, Cherish your Fans, forgive the Haters, Thank the Know it all for their help and welcome your Occasionals as your future readers.

    Keep in mind that your readers are what keep your blog alive.  No matter what prompt them to leave you a comment you owe them a reply for it!

    Now I’ll sit back and watch how you comment on this!

    © 2011, M Z. All rights reserved.


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