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    For every journey you are planning to undertake; there is a starting point, a destination, what you will be are taking along with you, how you are getting there and what landmarks that will guide you on your way. Put all of them together and you have a route map!

    So how you go about the most important journey of all: Your Life!
    Let us start from the point of origin:

    Where are you now?

    To go somewhere the first thing that you need to know is where you stand at this moment in your life,

    • What are your values and beliefs that you hold dear?
    • What are the principals that govern your life?
    • What skills and know-how’s you posses?
    • What are your strengths, your weaknesses?
    • How is your experience and knowledge?

    Why it takes a great effort to set down and think hard about yourself you might ask?

    Because  you  are inclined to always think about and coin judgments of others all the time, you  leave the most important person “ You” behind on the assumption that you DO know yourself…but do you?

    Who you want to be?

    Your destination is as important as your origin; since you by now you know yourself a bit better, use that newly acquired knowledge to see where you are heading in your life. Reflect on what changes you have to make in your life to get there, changes in your aptitude, habits or opinions. Imagine in your mind in what shape you will be arriving at that destination: Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

    What are you taking along?

    By all means of definition; this is not your normal travel bag, you are going to get rid of all excessive packages: Your fears and disappointments, your past failures and worries, there is simply not enough room for them.  Leave the skeletons in the closet and throw away the key.

    You are taking with you the knowledge you accumulated so far, the skills that makes you competent and your positive attitude. Travel light!

    How to get there?

    This is your mission, what you want to do for the rest of your life. What you envision yourself a few years down the road. Having a well tuned body and mind will greatly help. So will Forgoing any expectations any other persons demand from you.


    They are there for a purpose: to help you and let you know you are on the right road. Those landmarks in the journey of life are measures of your success. Since landmarks are stable points and they are going to be there whether you see them or not, it is up to you to realize how far in the journey you are, did you make a wrong turn somewhere and are you on time.

    Keep in mind that there will be sudden detours, no road is safe from them. There will be potholes thrown your way by persons who for one reason or another do not want you to succeed.  And you might come upon construction sites built by others who are trying to establish themselves too. You must be flexible, adapt to the changes and move forward.

    Planning a trip pays on the long run, and though you will be pressured to make quick decisions along the way, you should never take your eyes off the prize. After all; it is your life in the balance!

    May the wind of life be on your back, under your wings and over your obstacles,
    Travel well my friend!

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