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    You are not HereThe Global Positioning System (GPS) is a space-based global navigation satellite system (GNSS) that provides location and time information in all weather, anywhere on or near the Earth.”

    It was time for my annual physical checkup; my doctor sent me an email to change the location to his new office in a nearby town, no problem there except for the fact it was located in a new area I did not explore yet.

    Since my wife and I work as a team when we go venturing into uncharted waters; I opted for her to tag along to be the navigator; forget driving direction from that famous map site, we are going high tech by using GPS on my so-smart phone and green at the same time by not printing the directions and saving a tree.

    It all started well; all I have to do is enter our destination and the navigator comes to life eager for you to push that peddle and start driving, That big eye in the sky will show us the way, the streets where buzzing by while my phone was announcing each turn in a clear female voice, we were making good time and enjoying the ride, and then, “Make a left turn” came up and hell brook lose:
    That left turn wan onto a One-Way street!

    I understand the need for those one way byways to getting lost, small towns use them a lot to control the flow of traffic and direct it away from where ever you are trying to go, an alarm went up in my head, I cannot make a u-turn to come back in case I need to start over, sure enough; the town we were exploring is full of them!

    To make matters even worse” You arrived at your destination” came up, only problem is my doctor’s office was nowhere in sight!

    I do not see any office building, Zoom in and get a closer look” I said to my wife, that GPS should be on target, she did and it was showing us driving away from that big red target mark!

    No worries, I’ll just make a couple of left turns and we try that street again.

    After a long circle and a handful of those evil one-ways we were back at that street, I was driving like an old lady to make sure I am not missing our address, and it happened again:” You arrived at your destination”  came up and that destination was next to a Stop sign and an older gentleman trimming his front yard!!!

    You must have missed a turn” my wife commented, “let us try it again”, now I do not know about you, but I am (like most men) take pride in my driving skills, muttering under my breath I said” could not hurt

    And we went into that circle again, my wife asked “How about you ask that man for directions?”, and another alarm went up in my head, we men do not like to look like fools asking for them, but I guess I might have to,  this time the man was not there and no one was around!

    Why didn’t you ask him the first time?” wifes tend to point out the oblivious…”I thought we did not need do” I answered. Frustrated;  I pulled the car to the curb and decided to call my doctor’s office for help, “We are located on State Highway North” the doctor clerk said, AHA…the email skipped on adding North after Highway, and small town are picky about naming their streets, one street will have a couple of different names…. I thanked her and told her I’ll be there shortly.

    I should have known, that fork in that State Highway made it into South and North, I passed my destination a few times listing to that GPS and not actually looking around!

    Time to retrace my steps, GPS was blaring all sorts of directions adding noise to confusion so I asked my wife to turn it off, and sure enough, there it was, right on the other side of that highway going North!

    Glad you made it, was it hard to get here?” the clerk asked cheerfully, “Not by using GPS” I lamented!

    On our next adventure , I’ll make sure I have the right address, GPS is off, and as for going green, I apologize for the trees beforehand: Driving direction are coming with me!

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    1. September 4, 2011 at 2:58 pm

      Well, we had bought a GPS for the car several years ago, but had not updated it. Consequently, when we went to visit my daughter-in-law in her new home, in a new sub-division in Virginia, we ended up at a car impound in the country and had to call her for directions. Last week when traveling locally, I tried the navigation system on my DROID. It actually worked well, giving us exact street names and clear directions. So the $100.00+ GPS is tucked away and from now on I will use the DROID. My husband hates asking for directions too! 🙂 It’s a male thing, I guess.

      • He Said
        September 4, 2011 at 9:02 pm

        My phone is a Droid too !!!
        The address was off, and everything else followed,
        It is a male thing for sure 🙂

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