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    Phto By Magnus BjerkYou must have heard of the phrases: In Between marriages, In Between Jobs; but have you ever had been a blogger who is In Between Blogs?

    To be honest with you (Sympathy pleads…. Maybe), I have been there!

    And it is not a good experience,

    I have the misfortune of being robbed of my modestly popular blog by a not so modest web hosting company, aha…. I struck a nerve didn’t I ?

    First of all: Some Bloggers main passion is to blog about anything and everything; they take dearly to their blog as their soap-Box in the garden of the web where they can talk their heart out; (As in Soap-Box standee in Hyde Park, England of old,); and I admit, I had the Blogging bug; not too bad but it is there.

    So how do you react to your Soap-Box taken, you blog in terminal 404 Error-Page not found- ???

    Naturally you would start another; hence the term: In Between Blogs!

    You are in that grey area between your old (dearly departed) blog, and your new (Starting from scratch) blog. Your hours, days and even years spent and all you sweat and tears and joys are stowed away in the history favorite bar of a Ghost-Town browser (Do I hear Violins…No, not yet?), and no marker to lay the flowers on.

    Your Social blitzes and Buzz forays are geared toward making the best of a bad situation, good choice since web sites and blogs come and go in the blink of the eye. You have a very limited time to grasp to the fleeting clicks of all of John smiths and Marie Does among others who have been your faithful follower and steady readers; but you have to make a decision here:

    • Stick to your guns and re-launch your new blog under new management sign, OR
    • Re-Invent your Web image and really start from the beginning!

    Stick to your guns:

    You have the desire to remain true to your colors, you owe your readers a lot of visits and you should take “Restarting you blog” as a chance to pay them back.
    You will get your traffic back in bits and pieces but you would need a little PR to remind your readers of Who you are and point them to your New /Old blog.

    Re-invent your web image:
    Do not expect:

    • Overnight success story: In your mind you are seeing your new blog climbing the web charts right away…Reality check!  No matter how good your blog is, web popularity is hard to gain.
    • Comment from your old readers: You and your blog have different suits on; most of them will not recognize you unless you remind them upfront.

    I did not drop my blog by choice; but you should take my experience as a reminder to back up your blog regularly and be prepared for whatever is thrown your way.
    As for the free hosted blogs; it is time to graduate to your own web hosting, they can turn the lights off on you at any moment!

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