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    TargetI needed to make a purchase yesterday, and I decided to go to the nearest store.  So, my smartphone told me the address.  However, Park and the Tollway is a very busy intersection, and I really needed to know which CORNER the store is located.

    I called the store, and asked for the sports department.  When I asked which corner of the intersection the store is located, the young employee said, “I don’t know what you mean sir.”  I replied, “You know – North East, South East, South West, or North West.”  I was greeted by silence for several seconds.  He then told me how he drove to work.  Out of , I told him I’ll find it.

    After arriving at the store on the North East! corner of the intersection of Park and the Tollway, I started my long walk to the sports department.  On the way, I ran into a Target manager, who was dressed for the occasion.  He looked like a professional, and even sounded like a professional.  I suggested the next they have an employee meeting, he might want to inform his employees what corner of Park and the Tollway there store is located.  He looked at me and said, “Sir, I don’t even know that.”

    At this point I was starting to hear the from Twilight Zone, and was feeling very uncomfortable with this new generation.  We are not talking rocket science here – are we?  If I had a golf club in my hands, it would have been sailing towards the nearest wall.

    After I made my purchase, I found a lane that was not busy.  The Target employee who checked me out was a young man about six feet four, and surely he will know where his store is located.  So, I asked him the same I asked the other two Target employees, and he just looked at me and said, “Sir, I have no idea what you are talking about. I don’t need to know that, because I’m going into the Marines.”  Well, I lost it!

    I would have broken every club in my golf bag!

    With a raised voice and a look that would convince any Marine, even you Rob, that you better listen to what this X Navy dude is fixing to lay on you, I stated, “Young man! You need to know the difference between North, South, East, and West!  What if you are in combat, and one of your superiors tells you to go to the North East section of Delta 2 and cover us?”

    He did not say anything, and all eyes were on the two of us.

    Walking to my car I had time to cool down a bit.  As I arrived where my car was parked, there was another Target employee gathering all of the carts.  I figured one more try before giving up for the day.  So, I asked him the same question, and he ANSWERED IT CORRECTLY!  “We are located at the NORTH EAST corner of the intersection of PARK and the TOLLWAY.”

    Well, I guess one out of four Target employees knowing which corner of an intersection their store is located is not all that bad – or is it?

    You decide.

    p.s.  Perhaps our government is correct in hiding things from us after all.  They believemost Americans are too stupid to handle the .

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