• My name is Politics

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    Hi there,
    My name is Politics
    I wear it
    Loud and Proud
    I am the blood
    Of heretics
    I am the opium
    Of the crowd

    Many tried to
    Tame me
    With logic
    With words of wisdom
    You say
    You know me
    I say
    Huh…Very seldom

    I create storms
    In a coffee cup
    You would
    Tell the scorns
    That never
    Gave up

    Wars are
    My toys
    For them
    I am the dearest
    Of dear
    With webs
    Of ploys
    I ride them
    From depression,
    Conflicts of interest
    And Unrest
    I spread fear

    I have right side
    I have a left side
    But no space
    For the middle
    I spout
    A pitched fork
    A cape made of tears
    I pop the cork
    Hypnotizing fiddle

    Hi there,
    My name is Politics
    I change lifes
    With a pen stroke
    So loath me
    Hate me
    You cannot
    Mend me
    I am already

    © 2011, M Z. All rights reserved.


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