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    I got the shock of my life when I went to the movies this week here in Dallas. I went to the CINEMARK PLANO, which is located just off of the , and close to the PARKER exit. They used to have FOUR BOX OFFICES so you could purchase your tickets. NOW THEY HAVE NO BOX OFFICES OUTSIDE, BUT THEY DO HAVE ONE INSIDE. Instead, they have FOUR MACHINES OUTSIDE TO REPLACE the four original box offices.

    The original four outside box offices contained two employees who sold tickets. The employees were normally high school, college, or working part-time. That means that this one Cinemark has reduced its workforce by at least 16 or more employees by eliminating the four outside box offices. Why have they eliminated outside box offices? To improve their , which is none other than CORPORATE GREED. If a theater brought back their outside box offices, hiring anywhere from 16 to 32 employees, we could boycott the other theaters and bring them all back in line.

    I did a on HOW MANY THEATERS ARE IN THE USA, and this is what I found:

    operates 6,119 screens in 562 locations in 39 states. This represents over 20% of domestic .

    Assuming this to be a reasonable proxy for the total number of cinemas, there would be around 3,000 movie theatres in America . However, I would guess that Regals are bigger than the average cinema.

    1. = 3,000 X 2 BOX OFFICES X 4 EMPLOYEES = 24,000 new jobs

    Back all the way until the early 1960’s, most of your gas stations had a few that offered “FULL SERVICE”.

    I can remember growing up, and even in high school, pulling into a at the full service gas pump. An employee would run out to your car, check the air in your tires, check your oil and show you the oil on your dip stick, and wash your windows. Yes, it was several more cents per gallon, but it was a really great service. What if a major brought back this practice. If we boycotted the gas stations that did not offer this service, they would all fall in line, and hire several full-time FULL SERVICE employees. The reason gas stations no longer offer this service is to improve their profit margin or CORPORATE GREED.

    When I performed a search on HOW MANY GAS STATIONS IN THE USA, this is what I found:

    According to the economic census for retail trade (census.gov) in 1997 there were only 126,889 gas stations (64% of them having convienence stores). I simply …

    2. GAS STATIONS = 126,889 X 2 FULL SERVICE EMPLOYEES = 253,778 new jobs

    Ah yes, we certainly cannot forget all of our grocery stores. They have also entered the “fray” of eliminating jobs, and replacing employees with SELF-CHECK-OUT LANES. Once again, they have done this to increase their profit margins because of CORPORATE GREED.

    When I performed a google search of HOW MANY GROCERY STORES IN THE USA, this is what I found:


    Number of supermarkets-2011 ($2 million or more in annual sales), 36,569 … Sources: U.S. Department of Labor, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Progressive … These 120,000 square-foot stores have 60% to 70% GM/HBC and a grocery line …

    3. GROCERY STORES = 36,569 X 2 = 73,138 new jobs

    The first type of business that caught my attention was the airline industry back in the early 2000’s. They started implementing SELF-CHECK-IN MACHINES, which eliminated jobs. I’ll say it again. The reason they did it was to improve their profit margin because of corporate greed. In their case, however, UNIONS have probably given them no recourse.

    A google search on HOW MANY AIRPORTS IN THE USA, resulted in:


    According to government issued databases, there are about 14000 airports in the U.S. Of those only about 5000 have paved runways. And out of that 5000, …

    4. AIRLINE TICKET COUNTERS = 5,000 X 10 = 50,000 new jobs


    2.GAS STATIONS = 126,889 X 2 FULL SERVICE EMPLOYEES = 253,778
    3.GROCERY STORES = 36,569 X 2 = 73,138
    4.AIRLINE TICKET COUNTERS = 5,000 X 10 = 50,000

    TOTAL NEW JOBS 400,916

    Furthermore, if the government fined the CRAP out of corporations that farmed work out to foreign countries, and hired ILLEGAL ALIENS, to eliminate the practice, there would probable be SEVERAL MILLION NEW JOBS available for the USA workforce.

    The above statistics do not include other businesses such as major department stores, who are also looking for more ways to redude their overhead by firing employees, and replacing them with machines.

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