• Sinking Ship

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    © Julien Berthier














    Dedicated to all Expats (Past & Present), May your pens stay Sharp (like Jen) and may your words flow as fluid as Bill’s!

    Shady Muse
    Is at the helm
    And the words scatter
    Beauty cries
    For talents lost
    Chased away
    By a mad hatter

    Shiver my timber
    Writers Ahoy,
    Sharpen your erasers
    And draw your pens
    Dare you
    Contradict me
    You’ll be sleeping
    With the fins

    I’ll drive them
    Miserable souls
    To the depth
    Of nobody
    While I marvel
    At the wonders
    Of human

    This ship
    Will always
    Set sail
    Or without them
    Slithering fools
    Don’t stare at me,
    Bail dam’it,

    © 2012, M Z. All rights reserved.


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    5 Responses to Sinking Ship

    1. April 22, 2012 at 1:06 pm

      You are a wonderful poet! So many of us can relate to the theme in this poem, and I love the subtle pirate references. Well done!

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