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    With so many phrases describing it, it is a common that might happen to you and me at any morning!
    Call it whatever you like:

    • Waking up on the wrong side of the Bed: Which side is right?
    • Stopped by : In reference to Sour Grapes.
    • Hair Across Your Ass: Need I say more?
    • Surly for wood: Get my drift?
    • Someone peed in your cheerios: Or any !
    • VUMS:  Very ugly morning .
    • And, Cubesent

    Be it a bad dream you had last night, a not so well digested dinner, a long day-stretching-into-night at work or just no reason at all, you feel cranky, do not want to be bothered, you are so fragile emotionally and physiologically you might burst in pure anger or break down into tears at any moment.

    You are in the: State of !

    Your mood is so bad you can taste the in your mouth, you want to scream :” Leave me alone” at everybody though it is easier said than done, try to hide it behind the morning newspaper…no such luck,  wear your shades to avoid eye contact …to no , somewhere, somehow, someone will ask you the dreadful question:
    What is wrong with you?

    What to do?

    You have :

    A – Brush it away as a nuisance and move on with the rest of your day OR,

    B – Keep it up and your day will be as follows:

    • Your next door neighbor cheerfully says: “Good Morning” and you mumble back: Here goes the neighborhood, no more barbecue invites for you!
    • You catch a case of while driving to work: Which by all means is very hazardous to your health,
    • You snap back at your co-workers and heaven forbids your boss: There goes your job security!
    • You come home and picker with your spouse: Hello not so comfortable couch!

    To sum it all; you are heading for a very !

    Your choice of the matter should be obvious by now; you survived your mother-in-law visit with , so you are more than able to grin and take it!

    Keeping a positive outlook and manner is tough when you are in the dumps inside,I know, been there and done just that,  but you have to remember it is a temporary situation that visits you once in a while, the sun will rise with or without your smile.

    So, How are you feeling this morning?

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    4. May 22, 2012 at 5:45 am

      Your title says it all. It’s all in the mind! Our thoughts are forces so we better think of good things because it will definitely attract positive things.

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