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    I like technology and to observe how it has weaved its way into our lives is interesting to see. With rapid speed it made sure that we can’t live without it or at least not for too long. Of course, technology is a broad subject, so I decided to stick to mobile phones for now. Most things happen via the internet these days and even the most stubborn people, at least in my environment I had a few stubborn people, who said ‘Nuh uh. I won’t get a mobile phone. Ever! *insert storming out of a room*’…. they eventually caved in.

    Maybe it’s not because they wanted to get one, but it became simply too difficult not to have one. Insert scenarios where you either had a miss communication or weren’t able to tell that you’re stuck in traffic and so on. In the end, most people want to do everything as easy and effortless as possible. Personally, I don’t mind having a one. Like I said, I kind of like technology and it is always fun to see what kind of products are released on the market. However, I can live without it, the phone I mean. Internet is a whole other story. A part why it’s different is that I’m not a phone person. I rather text than call and I don’t really like the fact that I can be reachable all the time.

    It is quite funny if you think about how a little device like that control your everyday life. We expect it to work when we need it. We expect it to be there when we need it. We are quite dependant on it. In fact, I feel that the world is build around technology and humans just have to adapt and go with it. Which can be good of course, but it can push the small personal touches in life, like handwritten letters and meeting with people for real aside. Even though I don’t often use my phone, whenever I forget it at home, I always have this sense of loss. Because it always turns out that people decide to call or text you that day. Have to say, after a few hours this sense of loss disappears.

    A while ago, I had to get a new phone, because my old one decided to stop living, it seriously just stopped. Well okay, I exaggerate. To be more specific the touch screen part stopped and let this be the most important part of the phone. I couldn’t enter the main menu anymore or text/dial someone. Before it got worse, I got in a few situations where I had to meet with friends and my phone just temporarily died. Yes. It started to temporarily die at first. In these moments I realized how I took my phone for granted, because I always have it with me and I rely on it to work when I need it. Getting in these ‘temporarily out of reach’ situations didn’t make me think further to insert the card in another phone though. It’s quite difficult to explain how my brain works and I could tell many other stories about this.

    However, the mobile phones from a few years ago, seems to be much more stable and reliable. My mom still has a phone that is probably considered ancient nowadays. Even though it is ancient, it is still as good as new. Whereas the phone I got after the dying one and which is like a couple of mobile generations further, started to malfunction within year. I have to admit, that I made it fly a couple of times, so that could have shorten its life as well. But the same happened with the smart phone I have now and I didn’t drop this (I think). The fancier the phones get, the more flaws it seems to have.

    I really can’t imagine a day without my computer, because a lot of my work is done on the computer, but every now and then a day without technology is quite lovely.

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    Tahira was a Master Sociology student, but now she is chasing her dreams as an artist.You can find ramblings and observations surrounded by her own illustrations at her blog A Look in a Creative Mind , Everything is magical there and you are most welcome to float along and wander around her imaginative world. Facebook Page TJ Lubrano's Illustrations


    10 Responses to The Thing with Mobile Phones

    1. November 14, 2011 at 6:48 pm

      Oh TJ, I actually dropped my DROID into a glass of ice tea yesterday! It has a cover—of sorts—on it, but my heart fell to the floor. I dried it off, charged it up and it works! I was able to breathe again. But I know what you mean; we have become so dependent on them. Of course, I had drooped my old-not-so-up-to-date-phone in a full cup of hot coffee last year. It died. Yeah, I can be a bit klutzy! Great post, Sweet TJ!

      • November 14, 2011 at 7:07 pm

        Oooh you’re lucky, Sweet Cher! So glad your phone works again! My sister wasn’t THAT lucky. I texted her while she was in the bathroom…of course I did not now this, but because of my text her phone dropped in the toilet! She wasn’t exactly on the toilet though hehe. She immediately grabbed it and turned it on…probably the reason why she couldn’t fix it anymore as there was a short-circuit. She tried everything, but it died. She was really upset and still is at times as the phone was her baby…goodness! Thanks so much! SO glad you liked the post 🙂 Xoxoxo

    2. November 14, 2011 at 7:58 pm

      TJ, I finally gave in and got a plain vanilla cell phone. I hardly ever use it, though I must admit there have been times when having it worked out very well for me. But it was a pain to remember to keep it charged, take it with me, and find it on those rare occasions when I got a call. I was almost relieved when my son broke his phone, and I immediately loaned him mine. Now I don’t have to hassle with it any more, but he keeps threatening to give it back. What shall I do?

      • November 15, 2011 at 6:44 am

        Hello Melody!! Ah yeah, my phone has the problem that it goes empty within a few hours! I always kept an eye on how I charged it as batteries can get lazy, but it didn’t work. It’s so annoying. Ah well. Hmm tricky situation indeed. You can always ‘accidentally’ drop it in coffee. Just like Cher did hehe. Although what will you do if you’re having one of those ‘rare’ occasions again?

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    5. Jen
      November 15, 2011 at 12:29 pm

      I was a person who seriously resisted getting a Smartphone because I think it’s the death of communication. I gave in and got an Android earlier this year– my life is forever changed! I was completely obsessed when I first got it, and my boyfriend finally had to tell me, “PUT THE PHONE DOWN.” I’ve learned to be better about it, but I still love this little thing 😀

      • November 15, 2011 at 12:39 pm

        Oh boy. Haha! I got my Android last year and the first few weeks were…well, let’s just say I kept checking every email and comments I got! This changed now though. The only thing I need to do is get a real alarm clock and not use my phone as it’s not a good idea to check emails at night haha. Aaww I can imagine you hugging your phone now 🙂 hehe.

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