• The World Did Not End-Now What?

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    There will be more “End of the World” to follow!

    It looks like there is always somebody; somewhere in that precious world of ours who comes forth with: Hear… Hear…The End is here!

    And regardless of the motivations and the physiological markup of such prophets and their so called “Doomsday Prophecies”; we wake up the next morning only to find out that: The sun is still shining, the kids are still nagging and we have to go to work!

    Go back in time and all across the known history of mankind and you will read about  How and When numerous times, what makes it so sellable to the masses is the timing and the circumstances: Hardships and tough economics  ; Lo and behold they start to spring up.

    As if we do not have enough stress and concerns to spice our lives and make it more “Enjoyable”.

    What cook my goose though are those dedicated believers in their own private sects and groups who actually stick to their guns and declare: Our way is the light at the end of the tunnel, follow us and you will be spared when the end comes!

    God Almighty have chosen them to offer our poor souls a way out of the Apocalypse!

    Yes; to each his own, I grant you that,

    But Life is a cycle, A begining and an end,  we all know that as a fact;  and yet we cling to every tiny shred of “Give me one more day to live” and allow ourselves to be interested in When it is all over.

    One of my friend summed up what we all are thinking when the subject of the End is brought up; I asked him: “What if the world ended tomorrow?
    His answer?

    “That would be one less mortgage payment I have to worry about!”

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