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    A great chunk of Americana Culture is the U S of A is built around cars: Turn on your TV and you will see the Buy Me, lease me and Rent me for them every 15 minutes or so, Set in a traffic jam for a few hours and you will start to envy those riding in HOV lanes, Need something from the food mart; you have to jump in your car to get there….

    We Americans are spoiled rotten, our cities are designed with: “Have Car will travel” in mind; our roads are open highways and many miles of Byways; even our shopping spots are located at drive there concept.  Europe and the rest of the world on the other hand are enjoying a vast network of Buses, Trains and Subways we can only dream of!

    Enter the gas price crises!

    And a whole new world of Public Transportation appears from the mist!

    Look around you and you will see an increasing number of your friends, neighbors and co-worker taking public transportation for the first time and catching a bus!

    Go Green

    Read on green heads; from American Public Transportation Association  APTA :

    “Public transportation saves 37 million metric tons of CO2 annually. That’s the amount emitted from the electricity production needed to power every household in DC, NYC, LA, Denver, and Atlanta combined.”

    It is a simple math; more riders on the same vehicle equal less emissions. Need more proof, here is a Carbon Savings Calculator.

    Breathe easier my friends!

    Save Money

    Now who would not like that!

    Beside the less wear and tear on your car and we did mention the ever climbing gas prices; you are going to save money taking the bus, check out this nifty Fuel Savings Calculator.

    As for actually saving green backs; most of us do not know that you can get around $ 105 in Tax deduction each month if you do use Public Transportation or Car Pools:

    Get Social

    Forget the Bar scene; where every one is drunk, getting drunk or looking around like a lost puppy,

    Forget the On-line sites, even the so-called Friendship sites; trust me on this one:  You will look mighty weird hugging your computer or trying to shake hands with it!

    Get on the bus,

    It is full of unlimited chances to make new friends, know new people and expand your social circuit. Bad apples you would say; but those days those apples are busy with their own problems ; and you have a crowd of instant witnesses in case something bad happen; and Oh yeah; some buses use live video cameras to make your ride safer.

    Shed out your Holier-than-thou self image for once; getting to know real people in real life situations beats any reality show you watch so faithfully!

    Go Catch a Bus!

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