• What you have in your purse?

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    What you have in your purse?
    Simple question, right?
    Not really…..!
    For us men, it is that whatch-ma-call-it with or without handles. It comes in so many shapes and sizes, a flashback to those brief moments when we have to carry it for our spouse in a shopping blitz. We do it humbly, trying hard not to make eye contact with anybody passing by. Ya know, it’s a man thing!
    For some reason when you say “Purse,” I would visualize a cartoon-ish moment where the lady keeps on pulling things out to no end. You ask her for anything on your mind and it will be there. Or we have a memory of a granny handing us ever-present treats and candy form that wonderful container of joy. But not these days.
    We don’t go into the purse! It’s a twilight mini-zone in which we will be lost. And if by any chance a woman asks her man to reach into it and get her something, a look of bewilderment crosses over his face and that is worthy of a grand prize at a photo contest: “You’re not really asking me to do that!” 
    For the woman in our life on the other hand, it is a fashion accessory or even a “Me” statement, and therefore a point of concentrated jealousy if any other woman has a better looking purse. It is a cannot-leave-home-without-it, a fix-it-on-the-go depot, and a carrier of many secret things.
    I asked a few of my fellow Free Spirits bloggers and the answers follow in no particular order:
    Tahira Lubrano from A Look in a Creative Mind wrote:
    What’s in my purse? Let’s see. What’s always there is my notebook and pen case for writing and drawing. Next to that my phone, passport and house keys as well. I also have sunglasses and a small make-up bag just in case my mask flies away…okay kidding hehe. I don’t have a mask, but it’s just for small touching up if I have to or can be bothered with it. That’s it!
    Jennifer Sharp from Sips of Jen and Tonic wrote:
    In my purse: wallet, keys, hand lotion, tissues, gum, pen, small notebook, cell phone, piles of receipts I’m going to “do something with” someday and chapstick. Very boring now that I look at it like that!
    Luanne Stevenson from Essence of Life Chronicles said:
    Sure! So the answer to the question “What you have in your purse” I’ll say is my car keys. LOL
    Katy Kern from Tired of Previews responded:
    Um..I have my wallet, Chapstick and some receipts.
    Cher Duncombe from AskCherlock wrote:
    I carry lip gloss, my wallet, photos of Jimmy Hoffa, police-issue pepper spray, and a list of emergency contacts highlighted in red on my cell phone.
    The mystery of the Purse…………………… continues
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    10 Responses to What you have in your purse?

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    2. November 4, 2011 at 9:44 am

      What a clever and creative topic! Thankfully my husband never goes into my purse. It was terrific to see the answers of friends!

      • He Said
        November 7, 2011 at 5:59 pm

        Thank you Cher, You would be surprized what other women carry in their purses,
        It is a Mini-Twilight Zone 🙂

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    6. Jen
      November 7, 2011 at 1:08 pm

      HA! I loved Cher’s answers the best 🙂 It was really cool to see what everyone else carries with them at all times.

      • He Said
        November 7, 2011 at 6:00 pm

        Thanks Jen, You can tell she is well prepared 🙂

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