• What’s eating bloggers grapes?

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    BloggingOne word: Content!

    What do I blog about, or in a more whiny voice: “I cannot find a subject to talk about”…Really Now???
    Blogging is not about subjects; it is about …wake up people ahm…!
    Which leads me to the most ridiculous reasons bloggers give when you ask them:

    Where is your new post?

    1 – Nothing is happening in my life to write about:
    You must be or something; did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and things got downhill fast from there??? Did your give your well-deserved promotion to a knuckle head brown-noser… how about telling us how you felt about it, how did you handle it, we might need to get a refresh courses on the art of brown-nosing!
    And on and on; all you have to do is look around you and find , if you are looking for one that is!

    2 – I am Mr. Perfect; my posts should be too:
    Let me take a moment to laugh at this one, you mean to tell me that if your post is not artistically chiseled out of perfect language with all the necessary big words and hyphens nobody will bother to read it???
    I have news for you buddy: We the simple people find it hard to read perfectly written posts… we want bloggers who speak our simple so we can relate to what they are saying. Again the emphasis from our of view is on “Simple”. I bet you had a reading that last sentence!

    3 – Too busy to blog:
    AHA…that negates your number one : You have a busy LIFE, sorry. You cannot use that one anymore!
    You have all the time in the world to get glued to your talking about your last trip, uploading pics of that you are eating (Who cares…get serious) , and yet you have no open window in your schedule to REALLY tell us what you did in that trip, where did you go, your hotel stay…you know, information that we can use for OUR next trip, and besides, who scrolls up to read every comment on to get the whole scoop? I don’t!!!

    4 – Cannot find Shock-Value posts:
    This one is a doozy; on one hand we gobble up shocking posts like crazy and ask for more: Who did What in Where, How in the hell he made that, I cannot believe it…etc.
    On the other hand; shock us too often and we suddenly go limp on you, you buzz us too much and our reactions are numb…you got the picture!
    You can for the sake of being fair to you “Sprinkle” shocker posts here and there, but that by no means give you an escape form blogging about Flat-Liners, or should I say: normal posts.

    5 – My PC ate my post!
    Seriously… have you ever hear about “Auto Save” for your word processor program??? You know; if you forgot to save your work it does it for you???
    This one might have worked in the good old days of elementary school; need I say more?

    6 – My blog is not pretty enough:
    Have you ever heard of the web saying: Ugly site, lots traffic??
    You are wondering by now how that can be possible…take a seat and listen:
    You can dress up an ugly horse and it will not turn into a stallion, you can paint a shack with fancy colors and it will not be a mansion, you can decorate cereal with so many topping and it would still be… breakfast food; BUT you cannot, I repeat, Cannot dress up a useless blog with off the wall content and flashy images and expect people to flood your traffic measuring devices and swarm your posts with comments.

    Let me expand on the term “Useless Blog” for your benefit:
    Imagine a few lines of words put together in a hurry, a couple of images not too well thought of to accompany those words, after you read a few lines you have no idea who forced your clicking mouse to come here, and why!

    In conclusion:
    Blogging is our own unique newspapers on the web; some are personal, others are informative and all are our pieces of life put up on the web for all to read, share and interact with. We do not answer to an editor, we do not have deadlines to meet but if we are going to read yours; you better make it worth the visit.

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