• Where is your God Forsaken Signal?

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    “This post is dedicated to a few *nincompoops who for some unknown reasons do not give a turn signal when changing lanes in traffic.”

    It is 5:15 Pm; Rush Hour has just started, you are driving home from work, your day has not been so great, you turn the radio off and squeeze on the steering wheel bracing for the journey.

    So far; so good, the usual construction spot on the highway is not congested, you ride the fast lane with renewed hope of making it before dinner. Suddenly; a car appears from nowhere right smack in your face, shaken to the core, you try your best to avoid hitting it and you are successful, This time around!

    By now; you are beside yourself, your shock and fear give a way to anger, and you slur a few choice words, venting your bottled steam from your bad day at your windshield.

    You, my friend have just encountered” Where is your *&^%$ signal?”  driver!

    Turn Signal challenged drivers are a dime a dozen, you will see them on highways, Byways or any other way you drive on. They show no remorse, they swerve in and out of lanes driving at various speeds.But to understand Why they do it I am dividing them into the following types:

    1 – I do not care type:
    The worst kind, they are frequent offenders who literary do not give a damn about anybody else, the road is their domain and forget about the rest. Needless to say those are the one who get involved in horrendous accidents over and over.

    2 – I do not know type:
    Ignorance is Not a blessing, if you do not know How to drive (and give us proper signals), get your butt out of the road!
    You cannot blame us if we rear-ended you…Hard!

    3 – I am on the phone type:
    Hand held cell phones and driving do not mix, no wonder that many cops at an increasing number of states will pull you over and hand you a nice ticket; furthermore if you caused a major accident and they proofed that you were on the phone, hell will break loose, Bye Bye driving, Bye Bye freedom!

    4 – I’ll just ease in type:
    You watch them as they slowly and effortlessly change lanes in front of you, no drama here:
    “Just minding my own business and changing lanes Dum…Dum..La..La….la ”
    You did notice the guilty “Dum” here, sounds a lot like Dumb if you know what I mean.
    we should file them midway between: I do not care and I do not know types, they share a lot with those.

    But what really gets me is how almost all of them behave themselves the minute they spot a patrol car around, they instantly turn into perfect drivers and give them proper (Gone but not forgotten) signals miles ahead!

    The cure?

    Do not give me: Better traffic laws and stiffer penalties, not even Driver’s Ed miracles will work, you simply cannot cure Stupid!

    We are hopeless here, short of installing a hand that automatically slap each of them on the back of the head when they change lanes without signal. Might knock some of needed sense into their thick skulls with repetitive action though.

    Or maybe; just hoping against hope here, that Toys R …. will stop issuing them Driver Licenses!

    Part of Speech: noun
    Definition: idiot
    ass, blockhead, boob, clod, dolt, dunce. seefool, fool, imbecile, jerk, lummox, moron, ninny, nitwit, simpleton, witling
    Curtsey of thesaurus.com

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