• Why our kids are smarter than us?

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    You say:”I swear; Kids get smarter everyday!”;

    While “Smart” is a relative term; from tying their own shoe to solving complicated Algebra equations, you cannot deny the fact that our kids are exceeding the marks we set when we were at their age. Kids are growing faster and getting to know things we only heard of. But what make them smarter than us?


    Kids spend more time at school than before; as a result, they are immersed in an educational environment longer.  Blackboard and simple educational materials like slide shows of days past do not hold a light to power point presentations, interactive learning and the information highway. In addition; we as parents are more involved in their education than our parents were.


    Putting junk food aside, kid’s diet at present is more versatile than decades ago when supplements were scarce, eating your vegetables- or pretending to- was mandatory and health conscious parents were considered a farce. Balanced diet and the right Brain Food is top priority for parents who want the best for their kids, and it shows in IQ Tests results.

    Stimulating environment

    The word that comes first to mind is: Visual Stimuli; from pictures to televisions, to video games and cell phones, kids are exposed to constant visual barrage of information that needs to be processed and analyzed at their brains faster; they are using cognitive parts of their brain at earlier and earlier age and learning from it better.

    Better Health

    Healthy body equals healthy mind, with the advancement in children health care, the availability of vaccines to prevent childhood diseases and the extinction of a few those diseases; their young brain has the chance to flourish and acquire knowledge without hinderers’ .And their cognitive abilities and school performance increases many folds.


    Survival of the fittest has a new dimension: Survival of the Smartest, with modern civilization pressures to act faster, know better and keep up with the daily demands; kids those days are forced to use their brain more efficiently; from generation to generation the differences become more noticeable.

    So next time you watch in amazement as your kid set up your voice mail on your phone for you;  just smile and remember: The apple does not fall far from the tree…Your are the parent!


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