• Writing Butterflies

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    Many of you have them without even knowing; it all begins with that weird feeling you have when an idea starts to form in your mind, of your subconscious floating to the surface of your reality demanding to be put on paper, as a whole , as a new entity.

    You cannot shake it off; your starts to form the sentence; you vocal cords beg to differ: “What did you say?”  You ask whoever is talking to you, “; where are we going now?” You mumble to your partner; meanwhile; your thoughts are racing at a speed of light and a crowd of words is appearing from nowhere, it turns into a which is suddenly getting restless!

    Some are stirring havoc on your center of gravity, you grab a pen and any writable surface you find around and start scribbling. Words entangle in sentences, sentences stretch into , no time for , who cares about punctuations, I am writing for me first!

    The need to write overpowers anything and everything for now, time stands still; waiting patiently for the process to run its course, the outside world fades in the mist of far, far away…

    Finally, you stop, the noises of your surrounding ring loudly in your ears, out of breath as if you just ran a few miles, your palms are sweaty, your heart beat mellows down as you wake up to a  new world that feels lighter and brighter!

    You look down at your creation: And for a fleeing moment; you refuse to admit it is what your brain instructed your fingers to , you have a hint of disbelieve it is you, all you on a !

    Congratulations my friend; you have just encountered you first !

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