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    Two Left-Handed Man

    With due respect to lefties everywhere: “This has nothing to do with you!”
    For Two-Left-Handed people:
    Conquer your own Shortcomings and you might grow a right hand …!”

    Ms Tragedy and me
    Walk hand in hand
    Ms Drama don’t like me
    Says I am too sad!

    Ms Comedy is a stranger
    She stays away
    Trying to find her
    Needle in the hay
    Needle in the hay!

    I try to go left
    The tides take me right
    In a world of darkness
    Who needs

    Mountains are for rookies
    So I take on a Hill
    Watch me as I stumble
    And take a spill

    You won’t hurt my feelings
    By calling me “Lefty
    I have two of them
    I look so nifty!

    My friends don’t envy
    Ms Tragedy and me
    We have
    None to hide
    But if you see us
    Walk to the other side!

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    1. September 8, 2011 at 10:33 am

      This poem offers so much insight. Women of substance don’t place material possessions over hugs and understanding. Wonderful poem!

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