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    One Tiny Shoe


    An answer to Cher’s poem, “A Boomer’s Lament

    One tiny shoe,

    With missing laces

    I cradle in my hand

    And hold dear

    Don’t worry he said, I can climb that tree

    Look at me

    I am almost at the top

    Little that he knew

    In between the branches

    My heart was fluttering

    Stop and go, go and stop

    Don’t worry he said, my bike is my horsey

    I am riding it to the moon

    My breath was shrinking

    I have to let him fly

    Hard it might be,

    That day is coming

    That day is coming too soon

    I leave tonight; he said

    Over many oceans they sent me

    To right the wrong

    Would you write me letters every day?

    And if I called you,

    Could you hum our song?

    Tears rolling I say:


    Stay for just a moment

    So I can hold you

    So I can fill my eyes with you


    One tiny shoe

    With missing laces

    I cradle in my heart

    And hold near

    For he is no more

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    1. September 8, 2011 at 10:33 am

      This poem offers so much insight. Women of substance don’t place material possessions over hugs and understanding. Wonderful poem!

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