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    The Corrupt One… Answered


    “Every story has two sides,

    The Corrupt One was the first; and here is the other….”

    (Enjoy Your GoodByes)

    Take your seat and shelf it
    Time for you to go
    Pack your lies and pretenses
    I grow tired
    Of your Status Quo

    Not for Sale signs
    Just went up
    All over my lawn
    My voice
    Will not be traded
    Your speeches make me sleepy
    I yawn
    Your achievements
    Are so tiny
    So over rated

    I bought me
    A new set of ears
    To hear you not
    My bumper says:
    I voted for….
    I was a Nut!

    Spare me your stutter
    And remember
    New faces
    Are showing
    Comes November!

    One Response to My Poems

    1. September 8, 2011 at 10:33 am

      This poem offers so much insight. Women of substance don’t place material possessions over hugs and understanding. Wonderful poem!

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