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    The Corrupt One

    (Partake in your mistake)


    I crawled to my chair

    Through lies, false promises

    And deceit

    With flashy smiles

    To hide the knife glitter

    While your true heroes

    Suffer in slumber


    In a sweet defeat


    I bought you cheap,

    Another signature in the heap

    (Such a poor sheep)

    Think of me as your savior

    From becoming horrors

    While I count them kickbacks

    While I soundly sleep


    I am going to lead you

    Through thick and thin

    We will both win


    I’ll be your voice

    At the end of the tunnel

    Oh so distant

    Oh so far

    My sticker graces your bumper

    Fear not

    I’ll still be there

    Even if you lost your car!


    You wanted new roads,

    Here are plenty

    (Too bad

    They are taking you nowhere)

    You demanded more bus hubs

    You asked for a chance to work

    Don’t be sad

    You will start earning; I swear

    But wait

    I have to cover my pork barrel

    I have to hide my fork


    Spare me your anger

    And remember

    I’ll be back

    Comes November!

    One Response to My Poems

    1. September 8, 2011 at 10:33 am

      This poem offers so much insight. Women of substance don’t place material possessions over hugs and understanding. Wonderful poem!

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