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    “A nod to our Sweet Half”

    Pads and bags
    And no face paint
    I like my tears
    With no trace

    Head held up high
    You’ll not
    Hear me sigh
    And NO,
    I do not faint!

    Glass ceilings long
    Have been shattered
    I’ll no longer be
    Or battered

    You like them heals:
    Try to wear them
    And walk a mile,
    Ride the highs and lows
    Of living
    keep on a smile!”

    I gave you love
    I gave you shelter
    And shiny moments
    To remember

    I am your sister
    I am your wife
    I am the one
    Who gave you life
    Your Eveready Maid
    I am the soother
    Of your sufferings
    Don’t you bribe me
    With material offerings
    I will take
    A simple”thank you
    And a hearty hug instead!

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    1. September 8, 2011 at 10:33 am

      This poem offers so much insight. Women of substance don’t place material possessions over hugs and understanding. Wonderful poem!

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